Courtyard Poetry & Humor

Well Wishes To All,
Carolyn & Bill Owens


We’re down at the beach, for now it’s home.
I couldn’t sleep, so I wrote a “pome”.

We watch the waves, and follow the tide.
We water the plants, when it’s warm outside.

We try to walk a block or two,
Physical therapy we have to do.

We feel we need to take a nap,
To rest our bones and aching back.

We pick up our books, but it’s time to eat,
There’s lunch to fix, and dinner to heat.

I’m trying to do some watercolor painting,
Tho’ my hand is numb and arm is shaking.

But what we like most about our long day,
Is feeding and watching the birds at play.

The day goes by fast, what’s now left to do,
But to sit and snack, and have some wine, too.

So when the coast is clear (pun fully intended),
With hugs and cheer, we’re anxious to see you!

by Carolyn Owens