Courtyard Poetry & Humor

The Village Spirit

By Wally Owens

The village spirit is an intangible thing.
You know it by a pleasant feeling,
From Friendly waves your always seeing.
And smiles from neighbors in hallway greetings.

The reward filled days,
Brought satisfaction in many ways.
Talent offered in performing plays.
Fellowship gained in what conversants say.

Bus load shoppers exchange pleasantries.
Friends share the moment just to be gossipy.
At other times, there are rides to land of mystery.
Now all that is history.

The dining hall filled with residents,
The Vista Room offered social best.
Birthdays celebrated with family and guest.
Happy hours for all the rest.

Meetings were held to provide information,
Games were offered for recreation.
No limits for number of participation,
Or how closely to stand with anticipation.

Then the ugly beast arrived
Protective rules contrived,
To protect our communal health,
Even at expense of our country’s wealth.

Village neighbors met the challenge,
With discomforts not imagined,
Distancing, confinement, it’s been grim,
But together we will win.


Our Hopes —-

Sunshine brings us out, like bees to a flower
Soaking up rays for many an hour
We’re all hoping that this soon ends
So we can soon enjoy all our friends!!

By Marilyn Tuffs