Resident Spotlight – Barbara Nesbitt

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Barbara Nesbitt

Barbara was born in Gig Harbor, Washington state. She lived in a fisherman town. She has a brother, who is 94 and in good health. Barbara’s grandparents came from Norway to the United States in the early 1900s. Her grandfather was a big farmer and grew everything, including many fruit trees which
provided wonderful desserts.

Barbara went to Washington State University and has a degree in psychology. She has always been interested in people, relationships, and social behavior. After graduating she worked for Pacific Telephone Company as a service representative and supervisor. She went on skiing trips almost every weekend. That’s how she met her husband, Royce. Her husband was a big marathon runner.

Barbara and Royce have 2 children, a daughter, a librarian who lives in Portland and a son, a realtor, lives in Vancouver, WA. Barbara has 6 grandkids, no great grandkids yet.

When Barbara’s children were a little older, Barbara visited Norway to meet her mother’s side of the family that emigrated from Norway. After getting in touch with her roots, she decided to learn Norwegian and she used to be able to speak fluently. She also, before moving to Courtyard Village, used to belong to a Norwegian club, here in Portland. Werner Hundt and his wife were also members of this club. She is truly passionate and proud about where she came from.

In her free time Barbara enjoys reading stories based on true stories and about people’s lives. Barbara truly enjoys Courtyard Village activities; she also belongs to a book club. Barbara also enjoys outdoor activities and gardening. She has lived here for almost 10 years, since her husband passed.

Barbara is a very lovely lady; she is always upbeat and very positive about life, so if you haven’t met her yet, please introduce yourself.