Keep Your Mind Sharp

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Keep Your Mind Sharp

After reading a recent research done by University of Exeter Medical School in England on dementia and Alzheimer’s, it made me think more on how to help Courtyard Village residents to improve memory and mind sharpness.

First of all, regular exercise has been proven to help to keep your mind sharp. It is not just your body that moves, your brain cells are also being challenged. Secondly, healthy diet, filled with vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and variety of meats and fish will supply your body with necessary nutrients to keep the body and mind working.

Thirdly, which I think might be the most important factor, is socializing. Whether you socialize only one hour per week with other residents or family members, or both, it can improve your mind sharpness and that will help you to improve your memory.

Being together with friends and family is such a wonderful thing. And especially at Courtyard Village, where everyone takes care of everyone and people truly care about one another, there isn’t a better time to make new friends and create new memories with both, old and new friends.

We, at Courtyard Village, have so many amazing opportunities to challenge your mind, such as bingo, bridge, mind benders, and discussion groups.

Keep your mind sharp and stay happy and healthy,