Keep Your Immune System In Top Shape!

Keep Your Immune System In Top Shape!

For years, health and fitness professionals have been counseling patients about the need to keep their immune systems strong, emphasizing exercise, nutrition and sleep.

As the COVID-19 pandemic toll continues to grow, keeping our immune systems strong is ever more important as it is our only defense against this virus. If your immune system is strong, you’re better equipped to fight infections, and the likelihood of having a milder case and recovering is better.

This preventive approach starts with exercise. In addition to cardiovascular benefits exercise can contribute to good mental health and reduce stress. Exercise has anti-inflammatory benefits, promotes cell production and repair producing immune cells that help you fight off disease. In a study published in 2011, people who exercised at least five times a week cut their risk of colds by half compared to people who were sedentary. Many of those who did get sick had milder symptoms.

Eating right is no less important. About 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut. The healthy foods on his list are worth repeating: green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, berries, fish, whole grains, foods rich in vitamins A, C and E – and don’t forget the garlic. Putting good food in your body benefits your overall immune system.

Giving your body enough rest is also essential. Studies show people who have adequate sleep have a much stronger immune system than those who have poorer sleep. We suggest relaxing activities before bed to ease the stress, with one particular recommendation: shut the TV off a couple hours early, don’t listen to the latest statistics, and go to bed with a sound mind.

Although a strong immune system is helpful, health experts stress the guidelines in place to battle the coronavirus’s spread:

• social distancing
• frequent hand-washing
• avoid touching your face with unwashed hands
• staying at home if you can.

Whenever we get on the other side of this, we’ll have a more health-conscious society.