Courtyard Poetry & Humor

The first U.S. Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York City, planned by the Central Labor Union. The Labor Day parade of about 10,000 workers took unpaid leave and marched from City Hall past Union Square uptown to 42nd street, and ended in Wendel’s Elm Park at 92nd Street and 9th Avenue for a concert, speeches, and a picnic.

Oregon was the first to declare Labor Day an official holiday in 1887.


What Can We Say Of Autumn?

What can we say of autumn
Now that summer is by?
What can ever be bluer
Than a clear October sky!

The Days are still warm enough
To keep us all outdoors.
And ‘though there comes a gentle rain
There are no great down pours.

At night the moon lies brightly in the sky.
By day the sun still shines on high.
The breezes blow a cooling air
And flowers are still everywhere.

Yes autumn may be best of all.
October brings the rest of fall
But November rains begin to chill
And by December it’s all downhill.

As summer wanes and days grow shorter
Those shortening days and cooler weather
Bring hint of holidays yet to come
And sports events in the sun.

There’s bitter sweetness to this season.
The coming of winter is the reason.
Yet cherish you these passing days
And feel the warmth of sun’s waning rays.

Yes Autumn may be the best of seasons.
It fulfills us for so many reasons.
It’s full of hope and joy and tears
Its voice holds the music of the sphere.

Jerry Annand