Courtyard Humor

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Eighty today, dear Lord, I am 80,
there is much I haven’t done. I hope,
dear Lord, you’ll let me live until I’m
81. But, if I haven’t finished all I
want to do, would you please let me
stay awhile, until I’m 82? So many
places I want to go, so much I want
to see – do you think you could
manage to make it 83? Many things
I may have done, but there’s so
much to live to 84. and if by then,
I’m still alive, then I’d like to stay to
85. The world is changing very fast,
so I’d really like to stick around and
see what happens to the world
when I am 86. I know, dear Lord, it’s
a lot to ask, and it will be nice in
heaven, but I’d really like to stay
around until I’m 87. I know by then I
won’t be fast, and sometimes, I’ll be
late, but it would be oh-so-pleasant
to be around at 88. I will have seen
so many things and had a wonderful
time, so, I’m sure that I’ll be willing
to leave at 89. (Well – maybe.)

Music Hath Charm

There was once
A young maiden from France
Who never would
Spare boys a glance

Until Love came along
On the wings of song,

And beguiled Mademoiselle
To Romance.

Phyllis Jamison